Monday, August 20, 2012

My Illustrations

                     Banjo Pigs-The Band. A squealin' good time. (A woodcut done in Photoshop.)

For Glory Film Poster

Breadwig's Return. Zombification of my professor, Bryan Ballinger. Photoshop.
Uberfan. Hand drawn Sketch.

A competition for for their cover photo

Page 3 of my upcoming comic: Rex Zantar

My first attempt at using Corel Painter

                                                                 "Icarus Ascending"

                                                          "Zombie Lineup" (Photoshop)

Design for a woodworking project.

Art for a feature length script I wrote.

Rex Zantar-original design for a space comic I'm currently working on.

A badge worn by the Unicorn Defense League. (Photoshop)

                  A recent piece I did for website (Ink and Watercolors)

Ink and watercolors on a paper grocery bag

More Classic Literature Characters, with textured background. (Ink and watercolors)

Don Quixote (ink and watercolors)

This is a piece I did in a hospital waiting room (ink on grocery bag)


Made of all individual lines

Things are getting stranger...

...and darker

A Majestic Beard

(strange superheroes) Inked on paper, colored in photoshop

It's been a while since I've done some solid Photoshop drawing. So here were are. Navi nagging Link is always a fun drawing!

A drawing based on a giant squid seen at the Atlanta Aquarium. Exact replica....okay, maybe he didn't have an eyepatch... (Watercolor)

Atlantis At Last. Took longer, because I'm slow. (Graphite on paper) 

Another piece for Doodle United. Had a blast doing this one. I really enjoyed sourcing from various animals. (Ink and watercolor)

A Birthday present for a friend. (Watercolor and ink on paper bag)

An old illustration I did in college. Iron Man and Cap representing the sad and happy masks of theatre. (Photoshop)

A retro pizza. Dang, I miss the 90's! (Photoshop.)

"Cutout Animals" (sketched by hand. Edited in Photoshop)

"Things That Go Bump in the Night" An illustration for Doodle United and Daily Sketch (ink on paper)

"Things That Go Bump in the Night 2" (ink)

Daily Sketch 38 "The Saddest Boy in the World" (Ink)

Daily Sketch 39 "Skuzz Bug" (Graphite)

Daily Sketch 54 "America the Beautiful" (Micron)

Daily Sketch 77 "The Mighty Phishberger" (Two different backgrounds. Sketch by hand. Color in Photoshop) 

Daily Sketch 81 "The Marsh King" (ink)

"4 of Spades" My contribution to Deck of Friends. Where you help design a deck of cards with other people. (Photoshop)

Daily Sketch 96. "We Make Quite the Pear"  This one is lost somewhere in China....(Watercolor and Micron on paper bag)

Daily Sketch 107. "Portrait of Political Pandomonium" I feel like this fairly representative of the current political environment....even if I sketched this like 2-3 years ago, and only recently finished it...
(Sketched by hand. Colored in photoshop)

An old sketch I recently uploaded (ink on paper) Gotta love Spidey!

"Scorpiodetricide" #135 on my daily sketch (pencil) 

Punkin (ink and marker on a notepad)

K2SO piece I did for Doodle United (Photoshop)

Kodama from the film "Princess Mononoke" (Ink and Watercolor)

"Octorina" (Ink on paper, color in Photoshop)
Another piece for Doodle United, this theme was "Sea Life"